Monday, April 7, 2008

I am a very grounded person....

I am a very grounded person....happy family and genuine friends... I make it that way. I am very fortunate to be able to be free to do anything in life.....I am always up for the challenges and always seem to have some goal up my sleeve. I never seem to stop learning. I am retired from musician life. I studied and played for many years. Lots of great players and adventures in the music industry. I work in the design field so I am still able to use my creative side although running projects is more fun (my analytical side). It is hard for me to sit down sometimes and watch a movie or mountain bike or do anything outside except for golf.....I can be quite focussed on things needing to be accomplished and I forget to take time out..... Stuff like tranny seducers is not my thing. I could say I need someone to drag me away at times......guess that is why I travel a lot......gets me out of my environment where I can relax. Life is always revolving into new challenges. I think I have found my niche in the game of golf. I love the atmosphere the gentlemen sport and respect the game provides. Please have a picture as I have for you.

all the best......L

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Others describe me as a good friend, caring, loving and loyal to a fault. My friends are as diverse as I am. They range from older and traditional to the more youthful, eccentric and eclectic mold.

I like to be active but, then again, I do enjoy quiet times with a good book or just walking my dog.

A good game of baseball (the Jays?) and dancing are my favourites. I am still loyal to my team, even though they are several games under 500, sometimes can't hit, and many times can't pitch. Now that's loyalty!

Ideally, I'd like to meet someone with similarities and differences that would somehow combine and meld into a friendship first.

Maybe we could meet for coffee (or tea) and see what percolates. Maybe a dance step or two might follow .

Who knows?